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Communities are important to the success of every business, from small neighbourhood bistros to large multi location restaurant and hotel groups. These communities can be both internal and external your staff, suppliers, customers and prospective clients are your community, and together, they can help drive your company’s growth through targeted meaningful conversations. The new LinkedIn Pages are built for that.

Today, LinkedIn’s community counts more than 590 million members worldwide generating over 2 million posts per day. Which can seem overwhelming, unless locally targeted and managed. The new Pages experience is built to prioritise active local communities and conversations on LinkedIn. For this, the new Magnifier LinkedIn Page Managers are built around three key principles:

Join The Conversations That Matter

Magnifier Page admins can now associate client pages with hashtags, giving an easy tool to listen in and respond to the right conversations about client brands or any relevant topics. Not only that, but over and above videos, images and text updates, Magnifier admin can now input documents (like PowerPoint decks, Word docs and PDFs..) to provide even more resources to client followers.

Additionally, with the new Mobile Manager, admin can now post updates and respond to comments, on the fly from the LinkedIn mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • “You can now share documents (like PowerPoint decks, Word docs and PDFs..) on LinkedIn Pages”.



Know And Grow Your Audience

One of the biggest challenges for our clients is knowing what type of content will add value for their community. With the new Magnifier Content Suggestions, having the right content is now easier than ever. Magnifier Content Suggestions search the topics and content trending with the clients target audience on LinkedIn.  This way, you can now feel confident you will always have something interesting to share.

  • “The Magnifier LinkedIn Pages Manager comes with built content suggestions so you can be confident your posts will always have something interesting to share”.



Engage Your People

Staff will always be your greatest asset when it comes to advocating for you business.  The new Pages help better engage with them, and amplify their voices.

  • “Employees will always be your greatest asset when it comes to advocating for you business”.



LinkedIn is also launching a new partner relevant to Pages — a Magnifier API integration, which allows our admin to receive notifications within Magnifier when there is activity on our clients LinkedIn Page.

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