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Constant Effort

Running your business, be it a Hotel, Restaurant or neighbourhood Bistro already takes a lot of time and effort. We understand it’s your opportunity to make a mark, to build something you are passionate about. However, to make it a success, continual marketing is vital.
But more often than not for smaller businesses, it takes a back seat, and for larger businesses, it can be sometimes just an afterthought.

Creative Marketing

At iSpyMedia, we help businesses like yours through our “Magnifier” social media marketing platform. Becoming your creative partner, providing professional marketing and social media services. 

Social Media has changed the way businesses interact with customers and market themselves, opening opportunities that a lot of businesses never previously had.

Magnify Opportunities

Here at iSpyMedia, we bring you the services larger organisations with bigger pockets rely on. With a basic “Magnifier” programme starting from just £185 per month, we’ll create expert content for your social media channels and ensure they’re posted at the times that will see the best engagement.
iSpyMedia are a team of social media and marketing experts who have been active in this space for over 7 years, bringing this experience to you at an affordable price.

Neil Marshall

Neil has over 20 years experience in digital marketing across mobile and online services. Co-founder of Favourite Tables and a Director of one of the UK's most innovative location based consumer marketing companies. Hospitality has been his passion over recent years, receiving professional recommendations from restauranteurs and chefs from across the UK.

Charlie Hodson

Charlie is a brand ambassador not only for products across the F&B space, he also champions the County of Norfolk and produce from the region. He has also been an active supporter and activist for campaigns bringing awareness to Mental Health issues and support schemes across the hospitality industry.

Katherine Heath

Katherine is a passionate and creative social media marketer, who enjoys working closely with people and their brands to improve their online image. Katherine, whilst studying Digital Media at university discovered the value of social media and its application as a powerful marketing tool for business. An avid photographer, skilled digital retoucher and keen blogger Katherine will be advising on creating engaging written and visual content.

Damian Wawrzyniak

Damian is an award winning Chef and restauranteur who has worked across Europe in some of the finest restaurants. An advocate for social responsibility and sustainability Damian has regularly been featured on Television, Radio and Web broadcasts. He has also been at the forefront of internet campaigns including the multinational StopNoShows and Fake Reviews.

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